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Safe shopping on the Internet

Shopping safety


how to safely buy online?

In the real world and the virtual lie in wait for us con artist and Trickster, who are just waiting for a moment of carelessness, to enrich themselves at our expense.

First, make the work of a hacker:

Hide data on your money, for example. access to a bank account

Protect your computer with a virus scanner

By logging in to your bank's website does not use the Internet Café

If you got an email with the address of your bank on line asking you to re-enter your confidential data (e.g. account number), never reply, call or go personally

Internet scammers have found a new way to acquire information from Web users. Using spam tend to feed their credit card number, insurance number, etc. The sender pretend to companies, Internet service providers, banks, with which the victim actually maintain contacts. Ignorant consumers information, which allow for their okradzenie.

For the sake of safety never reply to emails from people you don't know and their content raises your suspicions, also, avoid letters-chain letters. Starting or continuing the chain you're breaking the law. Your investment will bring little or no profit.

Upload files on the Web is not always a fair transaction. More often than not with easily accessible program, we have the ability to free file-sharing. However, we should be aware of the risk. Internet users connected to Exchange files may unwittingly share resources they do not really want to share, or download copyright protected or viruses.

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