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The history of online stores


History of online stores


The first attempts to use the Internet as part of the trade took place in the United States in the early 80 's, but the real revival took place in the year 1992, when the U.S. Government agreed to the abolition of the ban on the commercial use of the Internet.

The first online stores do not have survived to our time. They offer products without the ability to place orders using the form and "shopping cart". The only contact, which has taken place between the seller and buyer took place over the phone.

Exchange deals allowed email account, whose address was given in the notices press releases or leaflets.

The first common online stores were established in year 1994.

In Poland, the first online store was launched at the beginning of 1996 by the Warsaw company Terent, but quickly ended its activities. To this day, however, works the longest selling by Internet Bookstore Nepo, which actively works on the Web since 1994.

A landmark date for electronic commerce, the year was 1997, when the American company Amazon.com made its debut on the stock exchange. She already has one million customers. There is no doubt that the year-on-year online shops are gaining in popularity. Probably, however, not recant retailer and do not dominate the market sales.

This is due to the specificity of such purchases, have access to the Internet and the skills to navigate in the virtual world.

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